Our Goal Is To Provide Better Service
Special Programs

At Coral west adult Day care ,our special programs consist of several daily activities that work in interacting with our members and there physical state,

  • All members get there daily planer when they come in and our staff makes sure there up too the task,
  • Exercise consists of stretching and working out .
  • Mental consists of making puzzles and some motor skills

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  • At Coral West Adult Day Care Center you get your ID card that gives you access to your own email address, our transportation daily, therapy sessions and monthly field trips.
  • The disabled
  • Those with Dementia
  • Seniors with Alzheimer’s
  • Those who have chronic frailties and complex medical problems
  • Those with mild cognitive impairment

There are also many adult day care programs which are specifically catered to multicultural seniors, offering integrated day services for seniors to freely communicate with one another in their native tongue. Most adult day care programs throughout North America also provide hot meals, snacks, and different levels of professional care for you to choose from.

Day Activity & Health Services
  • Adult Day Care
  • Transportation
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Nursing
  • Recreational
  • Other Services
  • Breakfast, Lunch and snacks.
  • Dietary Counseling and Nutrition Education.
  • New Year's Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Nursing
  • Christmas Day
  • Fourth of July
Who is Eligible?
  • Medicaid Participants that are 18 years or older with a personal care need & Doctor's orders to attend a Day Care Facility
  • Individuals that see a need for Day Care services & are willing to pay privately.
Licensed Nursing Staff
  • Performs specialized prescribed treatment catheter and ostomy care, diabetic testing, sterile dressing changes, personal care, administers medications, monitors vital signs, etc.
Services Provided
  • Health Services Adult Day Care
  • Transportation
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Nursing Services
  • Recreational Services
  • Other Services
  • Home-to-Center and Center-to-Home.
  • Doctors Visits
  • Shopping
  • Paying/Bills
  • Getting Medications from Pharmacy
Daily Activities
  • Bingo
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Outings
  • Dances
  • Daily Exercises
  • Pool Table
  • Other Activities