Our Goal Is To Provide Better Service
Special Programs

At Coral west adult Day care ,our special programs consist of several daily activities that work in interacting with our members and there physical state,

  • All members get there daily planer when they come in and our staff makes sure there up too the task,
  • Exercise consists of stretching and working out .
  • Mental consists of making puzzles and some motor skills

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Our 3 step philosophy
  • At Coral West Adult Day Care our philosophy is to reach out to all those that need assistance with there daily living activities and interact with there family s and care givers,
    So that they can maintain living at home and have an active and social life style
  • Create a daily planer for all our members so that they can keep track of there social activities as well as there personal reminders like birthdays ,doctors appointments ect,
  • We feel that as our seniors lifestyle become more actives there health will romaine in a good condition, as we will have them participate in computer classes daily exercise eating healthy and ,cultural gatherings at different theaters and public events, they will remain at home participating in all your family events,

This is our philosophy at Coral West Adult Day care, Inc,